2022 has finally reached half a year!

2022 has finally reached half a year!

Let’s overcome the rainy season that is coming before summer!


We think everyone are curious about the game ranking last month
when there was Golden Week. Let’s check the rankings of
Casitabi & Casino.me in May and the campaigns information in June 2022.


As usual, you can check popular slot ranking &
Best/Worst payout slot ranking at Casitabi and Casino.me.


June is the birth month of Casitabi !
With the support of many people, we were able to celebrate
our 7th anniversary in 2022. We will continue to plan attractive campaigns
We would be grateful if you could join us♪


For more information,
please click “May 2022 Game Ranking ” and “June 2022 Campaign “.


Now, it is available on the News page of our Sweetspot site.

We hope that you will take advantage of this information as it can be used for affiliate activities, such as news article or posting it on Social media.

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