🎮 A Complete Guide to Responsible Gaming. 15min MUST READ.

🎮 A Complete Guide to Responsible Gaming. 15min MUST READ.

Making Gaming Responsible

Gaming is a very dynamic act that has the positive and negative sides of either making you suddenly rich or poor. There is no rule to play it; today’s victims can become prey tomorrow. It is a win-lose game, and that is not even the issue. Life itself is like that: you can win or lose, depends on how smart you play your game. What is alarming about gambling, however, is the rate at which people get addicted to it. Addiction to gambling can ruin your life. It ruined a lot of people such that no matter how much wealth they could have amassed, they end up losing everything and even become more miserable because they could not control themselves. That is the shocking truth. But on the other hand, you can make gambling responsible. This article provides you with some guidelines to make responsible betting and make your money without getting addicted or ruining all your life savings.

What we have found out is that either offline or online betting, both had led a lot of people into the pool of irrecoverable debt due to many reasons which could be attached to eagerness or greed. Many people make blind forecasting only calculating the pays but later realize how unwise they have acted when the whole money is gone. We do not want you to become a victim of online or physical betting, and that is why we have prepared this entire page to protect you from getting addicted to gambling. We shall share with you how to gamble responsibly by showing you how to realize you are getting addicted and the easy practical ways to get free from the bandage. Gambling is a fun game, and that is how you should see it. This page will help you to enjoy gambling more than what you have been experiencing before.

What Does It Mean To Make Gambling Responsible?

I do not know what you make gambling before, but the point we are making here is that gambling should only be made occasional. Getting addicted to betting makes it irresponsible. You are putting your savings at risk, and you may lose it all or get indebted because you have lost control of it. Instead, your ability to control gambling makes you enjoy it, the more you enjoy, the more you make money. You will create for yourself enough time to reason and make the best decision. Getting addicted makes you the opposite. The more you lose, the more desperate you become to recover, and the more you continue to lose. So, gambling responsibly means you are in control of yourself, and your betting does not negatively impair your own life. You rather see gambling as fun instead of getting addicted and ruining all your savings.

From our wealth of experience, we have gathered a few points that can help you in making responsible gambling. We will take you through practical steps you can follow to make gambling fun or responsible. You will find them very interesting!

Steps To Make Gambling Responsible:

Never take Gambling as Job:

Many people make the mistake of turning to bet into their constant source of income. Maybe after the first or second luck wins, never make the mistake that the grasses will ever be green. There will be dry seasons when things will turn around. Taking online betting as a job automatically makes you desperate when you can no longer afford your bills. Or because you want to make more money and improve your standard of living, you become more desperate. At this point, addiction will set in, and you are very prone to losing all your savings and become broke. Never be deceived by the baits of winning; make it fun instead of a job. Relax and enjoy the game.

Put what Does not matter to you:

This is where most people get it wrong. Gambling has a deception mask: the more you risk, the more you could earn. Taking risk is good, but never take a risk that can cost you a life fortune. You could end up losing everything, and you will never gain your financial stamina again. Invest what does not matter to you. Gamble with what you will not mind losing. It is saver that way. Always have it in mind that nothing is 100% certain. Every game you are playing has the possibility of not coming as predicted. The best thing to do at this point is to take it as fun. Put the money you could have wasted on the weekend for fun. You are seeking another fun adventure. Even if you are losing the money, you do not see it as a big deal; it is something you could have spent typically.

Do not try to recover your loss:

It happens that things could not work out as planned. It is not only in gambling; loss is constant in every business. You cannot avoid it; you can only get smarter and learn your mistakes. Never have the intention of getting back your money by making more blind risks. When it happens, get yourself comported and lunch new targets. Wanting to get your money back instantly makes you fall victim more. You become very nervous and somehow irrational to make the right decision. So the best thing is to accept the loss and lunch back when you have fun money to spend. With this, you will have been able to relax and learn how to play the game smarter.

Play game with strategies:

Do not just gamble with faith or hope of winning without the conscious effort put into the game. Analyze what you want to play and study the game to have more than 50% assurance of winning. No matter how the game appears, never play a game because people play it, consider your chance of winning very well, and never be too greedy to pay more than what you can comfortably afford for a game. Also, you may lose; do not rush to make another adventure. You could be making a blind decision! Settle down and re-strategize if you are to play again.

Do Away with Your emotion while playing:

Emotional attachment such as annoyance, joy, anger, over-excitement, eagerness, etc., can affect your thinking capacity while making such activities as decisions on finances. You have to avoid gambling in such situations. Attempting an online Casino to place a wager as a way of distracting yourself from whatever emotional attachment will mostly result in negatively or do huge damages to your savings. Open a discussion with someone who you feel will listen to you and talk it away. Also, avoid taking drinks or playing while gambling- you may be carried away and make a wrong decision.

Keep records or data of your online gambling:

It is essential always to check the records of the past games you have played while attempting a new one. That will guide you to make the right decision and increase your winning chance. For instance, if wagering on football or any other games bring good returns over the past years, you may consider wagering in the same specific gaming markets. You can easily make sure betting considering your previous winning method. However, that should not make you become negligent and not considering other possibilities. It is dangerous as you may come back to lose your money.

Have a confidant you can share your gambling experience with:

Making someone in your family, neighbor, or friends informed of your gambling habit makes it safer for you. These are the people that will be able to guide your activities and keep it in check when it is becoming addictive. And in this kind of situation, your family members are the best to share your losing and winning experience with. Though gambling is a taboo in India, however, there is no harm in getting a confidant to share your experience with. There is someone that will be ready to listen to you. Nothing should make you feel wrong about discussing your online gambling experience with someone as far as you make gambling reasonable. It will only help you from getting addictive and losing all your savings while trying to recover your losses back. Your confidant becomes your anchor.


Gambling can cloud your rationality such that you are not alerted that you have gone too far until your account is red, and you are left with nothing to play again. Online gambling can trap you into becoming addictive to it even without you realizing you are. That is how dangerous it is! You become addictive to betting when you cannot stop it, and you always feel incomplete when you have not done it a day. Making gambling a non-stop activity is an addiction. When you get to this stage, you still feel incomplete without gambling. This is like a trap!

Getting out of addictive gambling habits may require some self-assessment or test first to realize you are already into it. We have prepared for you some self-test that can caution you to know when your gambling habit is becoming addictive. The only thing you may need to put on is to do away with self-deception. You have to be sincere with yourself because this is indeed all about you, and there is sincerely no need to lie to yourself so far you are the only one involved. Ask yourself these few questions and immediately retrace to the right track if you are already falling off:

  • Do you deceive people around you about your gambling habit?
  • Do you borrow money from people around you to gamble online?
  • Do you gamble to relieve your emotional distress?
  • Do you still have control over your online gambling habit? Can you stop it?
  • Does all you do involve gambling?
  • Do you feel recovering your money when you just made a loss?
  • Do you get stranded with money after gambling?
  • Do you owe the debt because of gambling?
  • Do you do your betting strategically, or you gamble erratically?
  • Do you often think about gambling all day?
  • Has gambling affected your health or caused you to be anxious or depressed?
  • Finally, do you think you have issues with gambling?

Go through the questions and answer yourself with utmost sincerity. If most of your answers are affirmative, then you likely have a problem with gambling. You are getting addicted, but you can get off it. Now that you have realized your gambling status, we can help you to get out of it. Get it in mind that online casino gambling is meant to be a fun game. However, when you are getting addicted to it, here is what you can do to get off it.


Getting over your gambling addiction starts with yourself: you have to admit that you have a problem with gambling and be ready to pay the price of getting off it. Once you can accept this fact, then things are about to get better. We have some helpful steps for you to follow:

Engage the people around for help:

You may not get off your addictive online gambling lifestyle if you fail to reach out to your close relatives, friends, or neighbors for immediate help. Getting someone to engage might be a bit difficult, especially in such society as India, because gambling is a taboo. However, keeping the problem personal does not help the matter as well. It will only make things worse. You may need to get someone to share your gambling problem with. This is an excellent strategy. Sharing your problem with someone makes you feel relieved and gives you more confidence to encounter your problem. You get a new perspective on solving the problem. At least, someone is there to measure your excess. However, things may be sturdy more than you had thought it would be. That is what you must get prepared for, and that might only be at the early stage. You can be assured things will get well soon, and you will not regret paying the price.

Reach Out to Helpful Organizations:

Do not take things like this personal. Some organizations can help solve your addictive online behavior. I will recommend two organizations here for you: Gambling Therapy and Gamblers Anonymous.

Visit www.gambblingtherapy.org to dig out helpful guidelines in solving your gambling problems. It is an online platform where you can have a personal chat with someone or join in group chat. You can as well employ the use of mail and make your identity hidden if you want. Gambling Therapy is one of the most renowned online organizations that help gamblers to solve problems.

An organization such as Gamblers Anonymous also takes such responsibility of helping your gambling problem. Through the website: www.gambersanonymous.org, you can get a list of locations in India where you can get help and start your recovery journey out of gambling addiction. You can as well get to go through their helpful online materials on resolving your gambling problems or just put a call through the available online numbers.

Get Help From the Online Casino Customer Care Unit:

Considering offers like limit deposit, reality check, self-exclusion, among many other options, will help you to control your online gambling habit. The online casinos now have well-trained people that can help in making your gambling habit responsible. All you may need to do is to put a call through to them and request their help.

Get in touch with a professional

Getting a professional gambling psychologist will do you great help in fast recovery. If you do not feel free discussing your gambling issues with friends and family, you can quickly pour everything out to your professional therapist. Once the cause of the matter is identified, your consultant will find it easy to help you out of the addiction.

Get it done

Nothing happens if you never take a step. Do not just wish to make responsible gambling. Start with yourself by realizing how addictive you have become. Study the source of the problem and start working on it. What our G2G team wishes for you is to create an atmosphere where you can have the best Indian online casino gaming experience. Our tips on this page were drawn out of our personal experiences, coupled with ample research samples to make you have the best of it all. Get started and get it done!

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