Starburst Winner Story: Big Win

Starburst Winner Story: Big Win

Sometimes the stars simply align and when that happens it seems that nothing can go wrong. And when playing Starburst, the exciting, retro inspired online slot game from NetEnt, it’s most definitely the case. When the stars align there – literally, as they are part of the bonus game – then congratulations because you’ve won the jackpot!

Big Win Pictures has created a short film of this very thing happening, that moment when everything comes together and it’s time for a payout. It may only be 33 seconds long, but within those 30 seconds a lot happens.

It all starts with the reels aligning. When they stop spinning, there are three yellow diamonds along with nine of the starbursts themselves, which must have been kept there from a previous spin. We come in halfway through the action, so it’s not possible to tell exactly what has happened, but suffice it to say, the combinations that are able to be made are now astounding.

The great things is, Starburst the game is keen to show you exactly how you won what you won, so the film goes on and the paylines are highlighted with tingling jingling crystals in the soundtrack and an ever increasing sense of wonder as the numbers just keep climbing. Even if you weren’t sure what had just happened, the words ‘Big Win’ that blossom out onto the screen in front of you are sure to give you a clue. And what a clue. Who wouldn’t want to see those words blooming like a beautiful rose?

And still the numbers climb…

In this short clip there are at least eight different winning lines which give a final tally of over 15,000 coins. Not a bad return on any investment! This kind of win, and the drama that goes with it, is one of the many reasons that the Starburst online slot game is so popular.

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