Took a Chance – Now He’s Super Rich

Took a Chance – Now He’s Super Rich

The lucky Brit, Alan, was sat waiting for his friends to arrive at the beach.
To pass the time, he played the game Arabian Nights in the Vera&John casino.

By the time his friends arrived, he was £1.13million richer

“It really is a coincidence that I played when I did – thank god my friends were late!” said Alan, after his historic win.

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The massive win places the Brit at No 3 in the list of the biggest wins ever at Vera&John.

The game Arabian Nights has made scores of people rich – and this July it was Alan’s turn to be richly rewarded.

And all by chance.

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Invested just £3.50

Alan – who is an experienced casino player – had planned to reunite with his friends at the beach, to enjoy the summer heat. But as his friends were late, he logged in to the Vera&John casino.

Here’s how it happened:

Alan bet just £3.50. A minute later, the unbelievable had happened. The lucky Brit had turned his tiny initial stake into a massive £1.13million.

“I was just trying to kill some time. I saw that Arabian Nights had a big jackpot, so i chose to play – but mostly for fun. It went much better than expected…!”

What will he do with the money?

“It’s important to keep your feet on the ground. Obviously i’ll make the most of the money – i don’t want to waste it – but i’ll definitely invest in a new car, and maybe a new boat” says Alan.

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Other jackpots currently stand at:
1) £5.2million
2) £2.9million

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